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The Dalcroze System of Musical Education Still Has Validity to Day

I realize that the majority of my readers on seeing the word “eurhythmics” will think of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart of the famous pop group of the same name. My reference point, however, is the same as Annie Lennox who named the group after the movement technique she learnt in school.

Expressed succinctly eurhythmics (also spelt eurhthmics) can be defined as “harmonious bodily movement as a form of artistic expression – specifically, the Dalcroze system of musical education in which bodily movements are used to represent musical rhythms.”

Eurhythmics was developed around 1905 by a Swiss musician called Emile Jaques Dalcroze. He was a Professor of Harmony at the Geneva Conservatory. He felt that the conventional way of training professional musicians was very unsatisfactory. He was looking for a way to improve his students musical abilities through increasing their sensitivity to rhythm and through this he hoped to enable them to bring deeper personal interpretations to the music they played. He believed that this would enable students to experience music at a more visceral level. Read the rest of this entry »

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